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Cheap Food vs. Quality Food

Cheap food is all around us. The market is flooded with it. Sad to say but cheap food is also poor quality food. According to Dr. Arden Andersen produce in our stores today is at an abyssal low. Yes it is cheap and starvation seems a distant thought yet cheap food is costlier than most imagine.

Here is what Dr. Andersen has to say about this food quality:

Dr. Arden Andersen

Cheap FoodMuch of the food grown today is between a D- and an E. It rots quickly and must be covered with chemicals to get it to store long enough to get to the consumer. What the store chains consider “excellent” quality produce because it “looks” good and “stores” well, compared to the vast majority of produce, in reality grades about a D to a D+ relative to actual food value.

Consequently, the health grade for most people, that don’t have obvious disease, is around a D, with those that have disease between a D- and an E. Because this is common, people think this is “normal.” It is normal for a D or E grade. When we have such a poor standard of health and food quality, any nutrition that improves the “grade” is beneficial. It is true, in my opinion, that we will only achieve nutritional quality with a grade of A or B via nutrient-dense food.” [1]

The problem with cheap low-quality food is that in the long run it compromises our health. To compensate people either turn to alternative practices with an emphasis on neutriceuticals or they do nothing nutritionally and allow the medical establishment free reign. With due respect to the conscientious few the medical establishment basically uses a 2-pronged approach; mask the symptoms with drugs until they can no longer be masked, then, if that doesn’t work, cut out the offending parts because they are no longer working. Neither method is cheap. What cheap food really means is that the money saved on food is used on expensive neutriceuticals or drugs, surgery, and insurance. The greatest loss of all is the loss of true health.

Quality Food

Quality FoodIn contrast to cheap food, quality food is more expensive. It may cost 2-3 times more to buy the same amount of food. If it is really top-quality extra nutritional supplements can be reduced/dropped as health improves. When this happens the need for drugs is also eliminated. Possibly some insurance can be dropped. These are all financial benefits from eating A and B grade produce.

Now Lets Turn To Everybody’s Favorite Subject: Taxes. Did you know that the average working American pays around 30% of their income as taxes for income taxes, social security, and Medicare? That means that for every $1.42 earned 30% is being confiscated by our government. We keep $1.00 and $0.42 goes in taxes. Another way to look at this is that for every $1.00 we spend on food, an additional $0.42 is spent on taxes. If we buy a jar of pickles for $2.89 we actually spent $4.10 when considering the taxes already paid. When we grow our own food in a garden there is no taxman taking a chunk from the garden to the dinner table.

More important than the monetary benefits good health confers peace of mind—we just don’t have that excruciating stress so many people go through when their health fails. Lastly, eating high-quality, nutrient-dense foods give greater levels of energy for study, work, and play. This type of health, combined with the proper foundations, can be the wellspring that leads to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

How can this happen for you? You have to make it happen. Where does this happen? Where all of life began—in the garden.

[1] Andersen, Arden , Real Medicine Real Health, Holographic Health Press, 2004 p. 218


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