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I've Never Tasted Blueberries This Good!

nutrient dense blueberriesThat was my wife’s immediate response the first time she tasted Bob and Diane Wilt’s frozen blueberries. I had to agree with her–these were the best tasting berries I had ever eaten as well.

Bob is an ardent believer in the biological process of growing nutrient-dense blueberries. Here is his short list of guiding principles: Soil Mineralization + Microbial Stimulation = High Brix Berries with Outstanding Flavor. Here is how Bob describes the effect of outstanding flavor. “If I can get some of my berries into somebody’s mouth, 90 percent of the time I’ll have a new customer.”

Of course these berries do more than just satisfy the tongue. They also provide nutrition. Independent lab tests have confirmed an average of 55% higher nutrients in Bob’s blueberries compared to conventional berries, wild harvested berries, and even other certified organic blueberries. Nutritional impact on human health is the ultimate re sponse when eating nutrient dense foods. Since “nutrient-dense” is a common buzzword today it needs a proper definition.

Foods are not nutrient dense by virtue of them being organic or by being a specific food such as spinach, rather they are nutrient dense because of their intrinsic qualities. Here is how Dr. Arden Andersen explains the term, “Nutrient density means the quantity of nutrient per quantity of food. Typically, the USDA analyzes how many milligrams or how many micrograms of nutrients there are per 100 grams of food. With nutrient density, we want to increase the amount of nutrients–calcium, magnesium, selenium, chromium, iodine, whatever there might be–per 100 grams of that food. If you eat an apple and it is highly nutritious, highly nutrient dense, you get a lot more nutrients out of that single apple than if you pick up another apple which has half that nutrient density.”

When I visited Bob’s blueberry farm in Corvallis Oregon he narrated his progression from being a conventional blueberry farmer, staring failure in the face, and how he transitioned toward a biological approach by focusing on soil biology. Shortly after this Bob caught a vision for nutrient density and began pursuing this for the next eight years. Today Bob’s consummate passion is to produce the world’s best tasting blueberry loaded with nutrition. Current brix readings range from 16-21.

Here is a video of Bob explaining his focus on healthy soil:

good tasting blueberriesAre you drooling over the prospect of a sensuously sweet berry combined with intense blueberry flavor? Here is where you can buy them:  You may also call 541-752-0460 to place a phone order. A phone order is suggested for the first order to discuss the best shipping options.

It is my goal to locate the very best growers of specific crops from around the country. If you know of an outstanding grower getting excellent quality please let me know. If you would like notification of future recommendations of other nutrient dense crops you can sign up here:

Thank you and may your day be blessed,

Jon Frank

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